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Beginner’s Guide to Playing Nintendo DS on Android Using an Emulator

If you are a gamer, are you aware that you can operate Nintendo DS games on your android device? With the help of an emulator application, this is possible. Some applications can run NDS games on your phone, including NDS4Droid. If you’re an iPhone user, you can use Delta Emulator.

NDS4Droid has Open GL rendering and save states features, but it is still on beta version. Keep in mind that using the DS emulator is slow even on high-end phones, and some games such as Pokemon might not be playable. In this article, we will show you how to play Nintendo DS games on your Android device that works with an emulator.

donwloading from PC


Downloading the NDS4Droid emulator is completely free and can be downloaded directly to your phone without any difficulty. You can also get the .apk file of the application on your desktop through a trusted website and transfer it to your phone. Copy the .apk file from your PC desktop to your SD card. To prepare the emulator on your phone, use a third-party application like Andro Zip.


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For you to do the next step, you will need to install the BIOS file. Now you will not get it with this application bundle. Most developers are aware of the legal issues related to such files and will not include them in their application. Without them, you won’t be able to play with your emulator. In addition to installing the BIOS file, you will also require a ROM file of your game. Make sure you have the original copy of the game. The emulator can also support .nds ROM format. You might want to name your file with a “.nds” extension.

Set-Up and Enjoy

You can transfer ROMs to a different folder on your SD card. Using your phone’s USB mass storage to transfer game files will be a great option. For easy navigation, rename your folder into NDS Games. Open your emulator, navigate the folder, look for ROM, and double tap on it to begin. You can control the characters in the game using the buttons on the screen.…

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